Tyndale Bulletin

Vol.52.2 (November 2001)



Gospel and Scripture: Rethinking Canonical Unity
Francis WATSON (University of Aberdeen)

Yesterday, Today, Forever: Time, Times, Eternity in Biblical Perspective
Henri BLOCHER (Fac. Lib. de Théol. Evangélique, Vaux-sur-Seine)

Shining the Lamp: The Rhetoric of 2 Samuel 5-24
David G. FIRTH (Wesley Institute for Ministry and the Arts, NSW)

1 Corinthians 7 in the Light of the Jewish Greek and Aramaic Marriage and Divorce Papyri
David INSTONE-BREWER (Tyndale House, Cambridge)

The Theology of the Cross as Theology of the Trinity: A Critique of Jürgen Moltmann's Staurocentric Trinitarianism
Dennis W. JOWERS (New College, Edinburgh)

Terminological Patterns and the First Word of the Bible: tyçar(b)
Wilfried WARNING (Schulzentrum Marienhöhe, Darmstadt)

The Role of Eyewitnesses in the Formation of the Gospel Tradition
Peter M. HEAD (Tyndale House, Cambridge)

Dissertation Summaries